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Guangzhou: Life in the fast lane

By Wong Chung Shing

Every night, De Xuan, a 23-year-old woman from Hunan province, locks her bicycle after the restaurant closes. As one of the few female delivery workers, she just goes back home instead of having a drink like other male workers.

For the past year, De has worked as a small part of the emerging group in Guangzhou. Unlike other delivery workers who are hired by dedicated takeaway platforms, she works for a separate restaurant named Yujian Noodles, which located near the west gate of Jinan University.

De said most of the takeaway orders are from school. “I love riding in school because there are few cars, and I don’t need to go upstairs to knock on the doors.”

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China: Illegal cooking oil

By Deng Zhuoxin

What would you do if your favorite dish used cooking oil that had rat droppings or human waste in it? Well, it is possible, but one organization, Koubei, gives people a way to select “No Illegal Cooking Oil” restaurants.

Earlier this year, Koubei which is an organization of Alipay, asked restaurants to participate in the “No Illegal Cooking Oil” program. On the first day of the campaign, more than 10,000 restaurants joined, and Guangzhou reached 2,000 restaurants.

“Food safety is the most popular concern. We (Koubei) hope that the open and transparent internet platform can help customers find ‘No Illegal Cooking Oil’ restaurants,” said Fan Chi, the CEO of Koubei.

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Obesity: A growing problem in Asia

By Pingting Liu

Malaysian pianist Yu Jing plans to be back on stage within six months after successful obesity surgery last month at the Overseas Chinese Hospital.

The 30-year-old had a nearly hour-long procedure, which shrank the size of his stomach and will eventually allow food to bypass part of his small intestine.

Yu Jing undergoes surgery for obesity in Guangzhou, China.

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