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Online business: WeChat buyers beware

By Han Yumeng

Ye Jiali, a 23-year-old senior in college, opens her WeChat to advertise her products on Moments and checks clients’ orders every morning after she wakes up.

“It’s the first thing I will do after opening my eyes,” she says.

Ye is an agent of Pearlosophy, a WeChat business brand, which mainly sells skincare and makeup products.

WeChat business is a mixture of mobile and social E-commerce in which business people sell products through WeChat Moments or official accounts. As WeChat grew stronger in China, this kind of sales model sprang up in 2013 and reached its peak in 2014. The small investment, low threshold, and widespread availability satisfy many young people who want to do business but don’t have enough funds and knowledge of how to run a business.

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