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Jinan University: A language problem?

By Boreum Kim

Nazihah Naim, an exchange student from Brunei, is listening to what is supposed to be a lecture in English at Jinan University. With a wry look, she says, “Here it goes again.” And other students sitting next to her nod their heads with drawn faces.

What happened in the class is that the professor speaks in Chinese so they could not understand. Her friend, Bon Mei Yean, also an exchange student from Brunei, can speak a little Chinese and is trying to translate to her friends what the professor is talking. This happens a lot to exchange students.

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Guangzhou: urban planning?

By Young Yang 

One refreshing Thursday afternoon after a rainy morning, two elderly women go to the square in front of the library in Jinan University as usual.

Dong Yi and Wang Huaan have lived for many years in Shipai Village, which was built in 1273 and now is the biggest neighborhood in the downtown area in Guangzhou near the university.

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