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Guangzhou: An African oasis for business

By Huang Pin

“Mama, I am coming,” says the black man as he enters the hotel, opens his brawny arms, and hugs a middle-aged woman. The woman is the hotel’s Chinese cleaning woman, and the man is an African businessman who often stays there.

Located in the LeJia Road, Sanyuanli, Lejia Hotel targets African people in Guangzhou. It is a small hotel—about a 200-square-foot storefront with 40 rooms on three floors.

In this hotel, Africans are the majority. Pokam Balerg, 25, has been a frequent customer at LeJia Hotel for a long time. As special citizens living on the edge of this big city, many Africans get along with the hotel staff, including Balerg. The hotel staff might be these black people’s only Chinese friends.

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Guangzhou: Battling cerebral palsy

By Mercy Liu

Zhang Xiao Hua, 20, just graduated from Guangzhou Rehabilitation Campus School. Because of cerebral palsy, she has to face more difficulties than others of her peers.

Cerebral palsy inflicts Zhang with scoliosis, which means she cannot get her back straight. Her right foot has a congenital malformation, so she can only stand on her left foot and one right toe, which means she has difficulty standing and walking without support.

Like other students, every Thursday when she meets with volunteers can be the most exciting part of Zhang’s whole week at school. Student volunteers from several universities in Guangzhou came to accompany the children to make cookies and cupcakes or to create handicrafts.

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Guangzhou: The best way to find an apartment

By Carine Chan

Fifty-two-year-old A Mei wakes up at seven every day. After preparing breakfast for the whole family, she takes a sign and goes to the busiest street corner in Liede village. As usual, she sits down and talks with a group who are roughly the same age.

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